How COVID-19 is Impacting Me as a Fan

With baseball still delayed due to COVID-19, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the impact that the coronavirus is having on me baseball wise.

For Christmas of 2019, I got baseball tickets to go to TWO Atlanta Braves games for the month of April 2020. They were to the games on April 17 against the San Fransisco Giants and against the New York Mets on April 24. Those game were also bobblehead nights. They were for the Ozzie Albies and Ronald Acuña Jr. Braves win air high-five.

I was SO excited to not only to be able to go to two Braves games for the the games to be bobblehead games for my favorite player Ozzie Albies (#1) and his best friend Ronald Acuña Jr.

When I first heard that the rest of Spring Training and the start of the 2020 season was going to be delayed I was DEVESTATED. After that it was the only thing I talked about for the next week. I kept thinking how unfair and wrong it was and how the MLB orginazation was overreacting. But as COVID-19 became more serious I began to realize that it was probably for the best (whether I wanted to admit it or not) that they delayed the start of the season till mid May-ish.

My reaction to fan-less games:

Honestly, I don’t like the idea at ALL. Personally I think it destroys the atmosphere of the game and doesn’t really give the players anything/anyone to play for. There’s no real excitement in the game without fans. There isn’t that electricity in the ballpark every time someone hits a homerun with the fans screaming at the top of their lungs jumping up and down with excitement. (Me!!)

Hopefully, within the next month everything will go back to normal and baseball will be back — with the stadium full of fans, and the Braves ranking first in the NL East!