The Fight For Third Base Continues

With less than three weeks until the season starts, the decision for who will be playing third base will need to be reached soon.

Will it be Camargo or Riley?

Obviously it is a tough decision for the Braves manager Brian Snitker to make with Josh Donaldson gone. Both Camargo and Riley are worthy of the everyday roll at third base, but relistically they both can’t play third base everyday unless one of them is doing so in Triple-A (Gwinnett).

The case for Camargo:

During the Spring Training games Camargo has played in, he has gone 7-for-23 with a home run, a double, and five strikeouts in nine Grapefruit games pruducing a .304 average. These numbers include his plate appearances as the designated hitter. Camargo is much leaner than he was in 2019, and after returning from Triple-A late in the season last year he had noticably improved his swing and had strengthened his patience. But, if he’s not chosen to become the Braves everyday third basemen, Johan Camargo could be put on the bench to add depth.

The case for Riley:

Like Camargo, Austin has gone 7-for-23 in nine games with two home runs, a walk, and as also produced a .304 average. Considering that Ausitn Riley struckout in 50 of his last 109 at-bats during the regular sesaon in 2019, you can tell that Riley has more patience and is laying off the slider. With just five strikouts so far this Spring Training, his patience is paying off.

Who will it be?

Both Austin and Johan are very capable and willing to play third base. But, in the end only one will get the roll. I think that it will all start to play itself out soon. As the 2020 season starts we, as fans, will better understand why Brian Snitker will choose who our 3rd baseman will be.

As for me, I think it will be Johan Camargo. I have nothing against Austin Riley, I just think that Joahn is the better choice given that he has has more experience with the Atlanta Braves as a third basemen.

But I could be wrong. The Braves could go with Austin Riley and he could do wonderful things, produce good numbers both offensively and defensively. The season will tell!

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