Albies is Back, and Boy How We Missed Him!

After Ozzie Albies missed a month with the Braves team due to a bone contusion in his right wrist, he is finally back! The contusion affected his swing from the right side, putting him on the injured list on August 5.

Ozzie was dearly missed not only offensively and defensively, but also in the dugout. Because of the coronavirus, players who are not actively playing are not allowed to be with the team. So Ozzie Albies, a guy who loves to play everyday and brings energy and excitement to the team, had to stay at home.

Ozzie was activated from the IL on September 10th against their division rivals the Miami Marlins. He had three hits in his first game back. That includes his 424ft home run to center field. The Braves won the game versus the Marlins after his return, setting a franchise record 29 runs! 29 RUNS!!

Ozzie has continued to do very well since his return. He has hit a total of five home runs this season. Four of them have come since he has returned from the IL, and two of them came in the same game!!

With the season coming to a close with only six games left, it is a huge relief to have the Braves “spark-plug” back and producing! And let’s face it… right now the Braves need all the help they can get to hopefully clinch the divison for the third straight year and make a succesful postseason run!

** I know its been quite awhile since I posted last, but I started high school, and I’ve been much busier than expected. But never you fear, I haven’t missed a single Braves game and this post is what I’ve been waiting for! #OzzieAlbiesisMyFavorite

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